Bitcoin Could Reach $100000 In next 18 Months

The experts are talking about Bitcoin reaching $100000 in the next 18 months.

I’ve seen my Bitcoin portfolio increase by 400% in just a few months.

The Central Banks that are controlling most of the world’s wealth are working on bringing out a digital Digital Currencies currency, Central Banks Digital currencies or CBDCs for a global reset of the monetary system.

as more and more people are get wise to what is going on they are getting the crypto currency market and are investing Bitcoin and many other crypto currencies that are on the market.

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2 responses to “Bitcoin Could Reach $100000 In next 18 Months”

  1. 720p says:

    Many are already betting on this currency which is positioned in a good position in the cryptocurrency ranking Chrystel Neall Winonah

  2. Carlton says:

    Personally I had about £78 in bitcoin, in my coinbase account, and it increased up to about £400 in January 2021, and it is still going up.
    I’ve been watching the experts who are saying it would go up to $50000 and will reach $100000 within 18 months. ‘Watching that space.’ I noticed on the sides of some of the buses in London they have an advertising poster saying “if you’re seeing Bitcoin on the side of a bus, it is time to buy Bitcoin”

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